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Our purpose is to optimize the way college fraternity members are recruited to mitigate membership retention risks, and maximize the potential impact every new member may have in their organizations. Our vision is one where every student knows which organization be best fit should they choose to join.

All membership ­based organizations are unique, yet share basic commonalities that are required for their success. These organizations must recruit in numbers, recruit quality members, and mitigate retention risks. Our platform provides students, fraternities, and university administration a common technology accomplish the following goals on their campus:

How will these goals be accomplished?

Gaining deeper insights of how to continuously improve.

Smarter decisions of how to better allocate resources.

Adjust to changing interests of prospective members.

More efficiency throughout the recruitment process.

Increase student engagement.

Grow the size of the Greek community.

Improve Greek membership retention.

Memorable college experiences.

The bloodline of our company is based on using technology and analytics to drive business process efficiency and improve decisions making. We have our roots in these fields and our hearts in accomplishing a better college experience for the Greek community.


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