How much is this going to cost?

GreekXperience is a solution provided by your Greek council or could be a chapter sponsored

We are already hitting our recruitment numbers, why use GreekXperience?

Many organizations struggle to achieve their recruitment numbers and often resort to lowering their standards to achieve their goals. Our solution helps you achieve your goals without sacrificing the quality of your new member class.

Who is going to train our eboard?

Every campus has a dedicated Account Manager to help whenever you may need it as well as a series of on-demand training for the platform. Most importantly though, our solution is designed to be easy and intuitive to any user of any technical skill.

How will personal information be shared?

Your personal information is just that, your personal information. We take great strides in keeping your data safe and secure, so you can get back to changing the world. We promise to never share your personal information with anyone without your consent.

How will fraternity information be shared?

GreekXperience is a revolutionary new solution for Greek organizations. By helping fraternities learn how to be better, we improve Greek life across the country through new data insights! No worries though, your fraternity details is kept under wraps, so your secret sauce stays secret.

Why would I store our information on this platform?

You cannot manage what you do not measure. GreekXperience is your solution to take the guesswork out of managing your fraternity. Too often, changes in eboard and chair positions leave newly appointed or elected leaders fumbling to piece together the remnants from the previous position. This leaves to your fraternity at risk to operational quality issues, unnecessarily creating huge hurdles to accomplish your goals. Our solution stores, analyzes, and gleans the insights you need to best manage your organization for success today and for future generations.

Does GreekXperience automate recruitment?

GreekXperience creates a tremendous amount of efficiency and quality in the recruitment process by matching potential new members to organizations that share their interests and values. Despite all the innovations, nothing will ever replace getting to know prospective new members personally. This is and will always be the best way to determine whether a new potential recruit is worthy to receive a bid from your organization.


How much does this cost?

Our pricing model is completely customized to each individual university environment as each institution has different goals for their Greek communities and obstacles they need to overcome. Contact us today to start a conversation.

How can this help grow my Greek community?

GreekXperience comes right out the gate with innovative features that help your organizations run their operations more efficiently and with higher quality outcomes. Our solution is the only solution built prioritizing the important factor for the organization’s success, the members themselves. Using our patent-pending matching process, we drive value to both ends of the recruiting + retention equation resulting in more informed and stronger organizations.

Is this product available for sororities?

GreekXperience will be launching sorority solutions soon. Contact us today to assure your sorority groups are positioned for their best recruitment season ever!

Is this product available for non­greek organizations?

GreekXperience is developed for the specific needs and unique qualities that make Greek organizations globally recognized for their leadership and moral development of its members, and philanthropic efforts for their communities.


We already have a large Greek population, why use GreekXperience?

Awesome work on growing your community to this size! Effectively managing such a large community can be quite an undertaking. Roster management, Event approvals, and performance reporting are just a few areas where GreekXperience shines to help you easily manage your Greek community. Whether you are a large or small council or department our solution provides you the scale and flexibility you need to maximize the potential of your community. Contact us today!

How are you in compliance with FERPA?

All of the information provided by our users is strictly opt-in and voluntary. All privacy laws and regulations related to student data are aligned to appropriate laws. You can find out more about these details on our Terms of Service found on our website.

What makes this product different than other solutions?

It’s good to know you are not alone in a space that has so much room for social impact. We set out from the beginning to create a solution that focused on the most valuable asset any student organization can have, a motivated and enthusiastic membership. We believe that effectively guiding new members to join the right organizations, suiting their unique interests, positions organizations best for success. Members recruited to organizations sharing their values have greater participation, retention, and interest in achieving leadership roles than those recruited by other means. We provide you easy access to data + analytics to support the continuous improvement of your organizations and community.


How much does this cost?

GreekXperience is a solution provided by your university administration.

I already have a bid from a fraternity. Why use GreekXperience?

That’s great, congratulations on receiving your bid! Not to take away from all the fanfare, but making the decision to join a Greek organization should not be taken lightly as this truly is a lifelong association and commitment. From our experience, many new members regret not investigating more than the first few fraternities that offered them a bid. We build our solution precisely to give you the confidence in making the best choice in your fraternity. Although you have already received a bid from a Greek organization, we encourage you to Sign Up and investigate other fraternities that match your interests and values.

Does a positive Match mean I am a brother?

Short answer, no. All fraternities have their unique process to accepting new members into their organization. Many require an education process that expands your skills, social abilities, and moral perspectives. This process is managed by respective fraternities and as such GreekXperience does not offer you membership into an organization, rather we help facilitate you making the right decision to join the best one fit to your interests, passions, and aspirations.

Does a positive Match mean I have received a bid to join the fraternity?

Short answer, no. Our solution helps you mutually aligned with chapters that share your interests, passions, and aspirations. Each fraternity is unique in their process to extend you a bid to join their membership. You will be notified on GreekXperience once a fraternity has extended you a bid to join.

I really wanted to join a particular fraternity but I wasnÔÇÖt matched to them, can I still join?

You are free to contact all registered fraternities on your campus using GreekXperience. If you weren’t originally matched with a particular fraternity you were scoping, you can directly express interest in that fraternity which will notify them of your new connection.


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