How Fraternity Involvement Can Benefit Your College Career

How Fraternity Involvement Can Benefit Your College Career

When incoming college students are first introduced to the idea of joining a fraternity, they may not initially realize how it benefits their college career. Students often perceive the negative stereotypes that are displayed in the media. Movies and television rarely focus on membership rewards.

How can fraternity involvement benefit your college career? There are many ways that participation in a fraternity benefits your college career. The top four ways are as follow:


1. Higher chance of retention at university


2. Higher grades


3. Higher graduation rate


4. Greater campus engagement




Below are more details on how your college career can be improved by going Greek. We even have statistics to back it up!


1. Higher University Retention Rate of Fraternity Members

Several perks within a fraternity, such as friendship and exciting activities, encourage students to keep attending college. According to an Auburn University study done in 2010, student retention rates were higher for Greek life members. First-time freshmen students affiliated with a fraternity had a 94.1% one-year retention rate compared to an 82.49% rate for students not affiliated with a fraternity.


2. GPA Standards Lead to Higher Grades

The majority of fraternities have rules and requirements related to grades and overall GPA. To continue their involvement within the organization, or to join the initial rush process, many students work hard to ensure they meet these requirements. The extra drive from your fellow fraternity members might help too.


With the extra motivation to hit the books, it is no wonder that fraternity member GPAs are often higher than the average student’s GPA. In 2013, the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) reported that 117 campuses, out of the 227 universities providing data to the NIC, had a higher GPA among fraternity members when compared to the average GPA of the male student population.


3. Positive College Graduation Probability

The Auburn University study from above also highlighted that students affiliated with a fraternity had a higher graduation rate. Affiliated students had a 76.6% rate of graduation compared to a 62.6% rate for students not affiliated.


Another study from the University of Missouri at Kansas City revealed that 70% of students associated with a fraternity graduate. On the other hand, only 50% of non-affiliated students reach this goal.


Additionally, a study published in the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics found that Greek involvement increased the likelihood of on-time graduation. The same study also noted an increase in the likelihood of fraternity members attending graduate school.


4. Higher Campus Engagement Leads to Higher Work Engagement

Fraternity members are often very engaged on campus. From club sports to campus-wide fundraisers, there is always something going on within the brotherhood. It is no surprise then that these same fraternity members have a higher chance of carrying this engagement into the workplace.


According to a Gallup Survey, employees that were members of fraternities are more likely to be thriving and engaged in their workplace. The study also found a link to a higher likelihood of fraternity alum being intellectually and emotionally connected to their employers.


If you are an incoming freshman looking to get involved at your school, don’t dismiss fraternities based on stereotypes. Many universities host campus events that provide interested students with an opportunity to meet the various fraternity members. While there may be a fair share of conversations around a fraternity’s social activities, there will most likely be plenty of mentions to the personal and professional benefits that come with being a Greek.


Interested students can also use digital tools such as GreekXperience to learn about their university’s Greek organizations. GreekXperience even allows students the ability to chat with fraternity members and answer questions that will best match them to a fraternity at their university. Joining the right fraternity is critical, and with it comes benefits that progress from college and beyond.


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