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Grow. Retain. Improve.

Increase Retention and Grow your Chapters

Our platform helps chapters learn more about their campus and member interests to best deliver an effective and valuable fraternity membership experience. The results are higher recruitment numbers and increased member retention!

Inbound PNM leads support recruitment efforts

Values based recruitment methods put in practice

Chapters confidently decide who and why to bid

Gain insights on PNM and Member interests and values

Event Management Made Easy

Increased event attendance, easier tracking, and superior reporting support a collaborative chapter advisor relationship and facilitates best practice sharing with other chapters.

Anticipate event attendance with RSVP

Electronic check-in helps your chapters track attendance

Review performance with automatic post-event surveys

Events are easy to create and promote to a targeted audience

GreekXperience event sample

Cut Hours from Recruitment Tasks

No need for your chapters to fill out PNM or Member data. Our technology saves your chapters time by proving complete PNM profile information and full-cycle recruitment data saving you time and resources.

No data entry by your chapters!

Assure highest quality data for accurate, timely reports

Real-time data provides immediate access to recruitment and roster information

Benchmarking and Analytics

Big data, meet Greek Life. Analytics at your fingertips so you can improve the success of your chapters. Strategically advise your chapters via an intuitive dashboard and easy reporting access.

Assess chapter leadership and involvement gaps

Easily report and compare new class GPA averages

Track and analyze recruitment performance for continued improvement

Review campus performance statistics for insights

GreekXperience Dashboard
GreekXperience rating

Effective Voting and Bid Management

Provide your chapters a customized voting platform to quickly score PNMs objectively and accurately. Smarter bid decisions lead to higher quality membership and a more stronger community.

Customized, objective voting criteria managed by each chapter

Voting works with committee or full-chapter processes

Track and report quality of bids for continuous improvements

Easily Track and Update Member Rosters

Simplify the recruitment process and support your chapter advisor success by automatically collecting important information electronically. Unconnected systems and dated spreadsheets put your organization at risk and holding back its potential.

Chapter updates are instantly available for real-time analysis

Automatic roster updates with new class initiates

Track and forecast membership changes for better planning

Effectively gauge chapter involvement interest for best advising

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